Use photoshop to customize a PSD template

Général / Monday, January 27th, 2020

Whether to make a poster or a flyer, it is always a good idea to use templates. Many ready-made templates are available online. Just download one from sites like You will then have a file in PSD format that you can customize with Photoshop.

Here’s how you can edit a template using Photoshop.

To start, you must have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer. Upload your template. Then follow the following steps.

Open your template

Open Photoshop. Then click on the File -> Open menu. A window will open to allow you to choose the template you have just downloaded. Then click on Open. Sometimes a dialog box opens stating that your file uses fonts that are not installed on your computer. There are two solutions to this problem. If the fonts in question come with the downloaded template file, you can install them directly and reopen Photoshop and the template. Otherwise, click Next and follow the instructions. After clicking Next, you will have a list of all the fonts used by your template. You can copy and download them online or use the default fonts allocated by Photoshop. Now, your workspace is ready with the template open.

Use photoshop to customize a PSD template

Modify the different components of your template using layers

You can now modify the different layers of the template by clicking on the layers palette on the right of your workspace. You can, among other things, modify the texts of your template, their size, their color or even the type of the font used. To modify the texts, simply double-click them and enter the new text. Once your text has been entered, you can customize it by selecting it. You can also change the background color. To do this, click on the background layer.

Note that you can change the order of layers if you want.

Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made, be sure to save your work. Your file is now ready to be printed.

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