Communicate to attract people to your club

Invite your followers / Monday, January 27th, 2020

Have you created a club and want to attract more people to it? Communication is the key. Communicate yes, but how? Here are some ideas that can help you communicate effectively and promote your club to get people to join.

Use your club logo

Your club logo is what represents it first. So if you want people to care about your club, you have to get their eyes on its logo. To do this, you can print it on different objects: T-Shirt, Polo, cap, letterhead and other promotional material. The logo must also be used and highlighted at various events concerning your club.

Have a website for your club

A website is an effective and simple way to communicate. Having one allows you to make known your club, its goal, what it offers, its members with their contact as well as the different events to come. You can add a forum section to your site to allow people to ask questions and members to chat.

Send Newsletters

Newsletters allow members of your club as well as those who are interested in its activities to have information and news about it. You can then send your Newsletter by e-mail or publish it on your site.

Communicate to attract people to your club

Distribute flyers and brochures

Flyers and brochures are great ways to communicate and promote your club. These means of communication can contain various information: club objective, membership fees, contact information, etc. You can download flyer templates online at You can then distribute your flyers and brochures in schools, coffee shops or even put them in letter boxes.

Don’t be afraid of advertising

Advertising using the media, such as newspapers, television and radio, is a form of communication that can help you promote your club and get people to join. More expensive than other forms of communication, you need to revise your budget if you want to use it.